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I am Rina S. Mamoon, Artist, Writer, and the creator of this website. While web design and coding are not my greatest strengths, I am capable of learning new things. For example, I built this site using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. Also, I worked on this design with mobility in mind and added a light/dark mode, depending on your browser settings. However, I cannot always guarantee that it will work properly on all browsers. It is not perfect, but it is my pride and joy. Once, it was a portfolio site before becoming a platform for The Dark One.

Once, I wanted to get into the Video Game Industry and worked with 3D. But my interests in digital art and writing grew over the years. I've even gravitated towards photography, which I identify as RiMa Photography, and I own two growing portfolios that you can find in the following links below:




Been part of Avatar Media Inc. from May 2010 to September 2017. I was hired soon after graduating from Digital Media and IT. At Avatar Media Inc., I worked with many talented and awesome people who helped me improve my skills.

Projects I was involved in:

Trades Warriors Network

I created most of the art assets for the website, including ninety-four costumes, foregrounds, backgrounds, and icons. I also did some photo editing.

Reface Magic

Did some photo editing by cleaning up and adjusting the levels. Created before and after images for their gallery in the media section.

Avatar Media Inc.

I drew the penguins on the page, What We Do. I also created the graphics for the team members on the About Us page.


I took Digital Media and IT (2008-10) and Graphic Communications (2005-06) at NAIT. Since then, I have been developing my skills further. My technical skills include proficiency and versatility in Maya, ZBrush, Lightwave, Adobe Creative Suite, and Celtx. Currently using Affinity Designer for all my artwork.

Took various Art and Graphic Arts courses in high school, up into the Grade 12 level.


I do not deny my love for art and writing. If I had a pencil in my hand, I often drew things in my school notes, much to the annoyance of my teachers. Taking art classes in Junior High and High School was essential. Art is a constant learning process where one can only get better if they hone their skills and techniques.

Video games are also a major part of my life since getting a Super Nintendo on Christmas Day in 1993. I've owned a Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and a gaming PC. My first games were Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. Among my favourites are Bloodborne, Demon's Souls, The Witcher, BioShock, and the Dark Souls series.

Let me tell you a story

In the beginning, I often watched my father and brother play video games until I wanted to play one day. However, I accidentally deleted my father's game save in Super Mario World. Thinking my father would be angry, I tried to get the progress back by playing the game. Not only did I succeed, but I also reached the Special Zone which is considered to be the most difficult. I beat those levels and didn't think much of it until I saw that the koopas had changed. My father was baffled with his save file, wondering what happened. I remained silent.

What possessed me to go into Writing?

Writing stories was something I had an interest in, but in Grade 8 I was deterred after receiving a low grade for a story assignment. I never got back into it until I turned 15. At first, it began with fan-fiction inspired by video games. Then the stories became stand-alone with original characters. I wrote a story in 2007 which was inspired by BioShock and Fatal Frame. Among my favourite books are the Ayesha Series by H. Rider Haggard, the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, and The Paperbag Princess by Rober Munsch.

What Tools Do I Use?

As of 2017, I use Affinity Designer/Photo for all my artwork and photo edits. Before using Affinity, I've used the Adobe Creative Suite for at least a decade. I've also used Procreate on the iPad. For my graphics tablet, I currently use a Huion H610 Pro.

For writing tools, I use LibreOffice, Apple Pages, and Grammarly. Also experienced with Kindle Create and Sigil for ebook creation. To create the paperback version of my books, I use Affinity Publisher.

This just divides